Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Freshly baked cookies

The EU law regarding Cookies has been live since May of this year and we will be approaching our clients and advise them that action needs taking with regards to the law.

All websites are obliged to have a notice to tell their site visitors that data cookies are collected.

Cookies are not necessarily at all the evil snoopie snippies that they have been made out in old fashioned circles. Nearly all websites requires cookies to make them run smoothly for lots of reasons. Some very obvious cookies can absolutely not be avoided if the site is to function. Shopping baskets need to be able to remember what you've added when it comes time to pay - they use a cookie. Logins use a cookie for remembering you when you re-visit the site.

Google Analytics needs to gather stuff for you as a site owner to be able to analyse site visits and so on. Facebook, Twitter and other social media do the same for those reasons.

Web visitors do not have to worry about these. Many cookies are also short lived and will be auto deleted after a period.

Very soon we will publish a further blog and explain cookies in more details but for now all web owners where the site is hosted or controlled in the EU need to know that they are obliged to tell their visitors about cookies and Redcetera can help with a smart widget. 
Contact us for more information - cheers for now.
info@redcetera.com or click on our site on the contact button
If you can't wait for our next blog and want to find ot more about cookies now go here >>>


Excited - new site nearly ready

Our own site www.Redcetera.com has been a bit neglected to say the least! One of those things I guess but we bit the bullet after much berating ourselves with the famous 'practice what your preach'. Web designers notoriously ignore their own design having to concentrate on behalf of their clients! Well, customers always come first naturally but there does come a time that ... etc etc.

Nearly there and I hope in a week or maybe two we can go Live and we do hope that our clients, old and new as well as our colleagues and friends will like it/critisize it no matter what. A taste of whats to come follows in the preview image.

If you want us to design you a new site or give your site a modest or thorough make-over or you need widgets you know where to come!

Till soon, Eva
email info@redcetera.com or click via our site

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

City Break Sofia Live

Today we have made live the holiday site City Breaks Sofia. Sofia in Bulgaria is an increasingly popular destination for holiday and business visitors. Sofia is a very pretty 'doable sized' town with lots to offer. from amazing parklands to mountains, perfect for skiing in winter or hiking and general visiting in summer.

Our client Peter has 3 large luxury apartments fully kitted out at an amazingly cheap (we don't want to use that word lightly now do we) price - from £30 (yes!) per night. I think I am just going to go soon to check it out for myself and I advise you to take a look at the site to get some idea. Sofia will soon be rivalling places like Budapest and other still relatively undiscovered places in Eastern Europe.

Peter has gotten together with a top dental practice and has asked us to design and build a site for that too. Dental 'holidays' now being the in-thing as Eastern European prices are less than half than what our dentists charge. Holidays with a smile he!

If you need Redcetera to make you smile - get in touch or visit our website

Ciao, Eva
I should also want to tell you about Luminaires who have a wonderful selection of lighting available from their offices in Douglas, Isle of Man. People have the wrong impression thinking that their lighting solution are outside their budget so Ralph asked us to help them set up a webshop which we did.

This offers them now the opportunity to display and offfer for sale a much larger selection than they can currently show in their premises. A funky range it is. Check it out for yourself - just visit their website and click on the shop link. Luminaires

We chose Powa for them again. We are Powa providers and truly advocate this platform for e-commerce solutions big or small. It is stable, reliable and very reasonably priced. Used by the big boys such as Mothercare, Tesco's and what not. Go to www.Powa.com for more info or contact us if you want have a demo or more information or simply have decided that Redcetera does it for you (the smart thing).

Ciao, Eva

Chroma Make-Over

Yep, not posted any news for some time again! Shame shame shame.
Anyway, a month or so ago we made live the Big make-over for Chroma. Complete change including layout etc etc but above all a complete change from WHITE to BLACK. Refreshing, daring, always ahead of the rest and so very much befitting Michaela and Gerard Jones, proprietors of The Exchange Limited and their company Chroma.

As always a pleasure working with you guys and unless I am as bad as usual with my posting there should be news soon on more projects for and with this favourite client.

Check it out - the website has amazing flooring, including gorgeous designer carpets as well as a host of broadloom in natural wool, silk, linen or any combination in the most amazing arrays of colours and textures. Lovely Chroma! www.chroma.im 

Chroma Home Page 

As always at your service - contact Redcetera  if you want a gorgeous looking website that works hard for you! Ciao, Eva

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

This year 2012 - Twenty Twelve rolls off the tongue pretty smoothly and so lets all wish for an smooth year as well.

Redcetera does and hopes that despite the 'big economic downturn' we should all believe more in ourselves and let this year be an upwards and onwards succesful 2012.

The role of the internet with E-commerce in particular is growing so fast that year on year growth figures can't quite keep up with sensible numbers. Online businesses in both the business to business (BtoB) or business to consumers (BtoC) sectors have learned a lot from the past few years and have started to listen to their web savvy visitors who now want more than just a shopping basket but require high quality, well written, slick, interesting, interactive & efficient sites that stand out from the competition. In a crowded market place online businesses are having to keep up to date with current web trends that respond to their customer wants and needs.

In the battle to gain high ranking online businesses also have to realise that to beat the competition and appease Google their website text must be original and relevant to the content as do the keywords and other meta tags. So no peace for the wicked and keep the site fresh and up to date.

It being already again 3 January, there is no stopping now.  So no matter what, 2012 is going to be a busy year. Busy with marketing, busy with new web ideas & innovations and if all goes well and we work hard - busy with success.

We wish all our clients a very happy and prosperous 2012 and in particular wish Carol and John Kinrade success with their very new travel venture that only launched right at the last minute in 2011. Ultimate Vacation Holidays offers fabulous holidays in the Dominican Republic. Check out the site and let us know what you think or when you are going!

We also just signed up Luxury and High Performance Car Specialist John Inghams who are currently based in Ramsey but who are building a new showroom to open later this year in Douglas. We will do our best to show of their beautiful products as they deserve.

Our client dermatologist John Ashworth also went only live a few month ago with a new site offering lots of advice on skin problems and a unique online consultation for those who are worried. To encourage new customers they have a sale on during January so try it out for yourself. We wish John much success.

This blog is now finished but I will be back soon with more news. Meanwhile if you need help or advice with website design, marketing or SEO contact me. It is always a pleasure to be of service.
Ciao, eva@redcetera.com