Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

This year 2012 - Twenty Twelve rolls off the tongue pretty smoothly and so lets all wish for an smooth year as well.

Redcetera does and hopes that despite the 'big economic downturn' we should all believe more in ourselves and let this year be an upwards and onwards succesful 2012.

The role of the internet with E-commerce in particular is growing so fast that year on year growth figures can't quite keep up with sensible numbers. Online businesses in both the business to business (BtoB) or business to consumers (BtoC) sectors have learned a lot from the past few years and have started to listen to their web savvy visitors who now want more than just a shopping basket but require high quality, well written, slick, interesting, interactive & efficient sites that stand out from the competition. In a crowded market place online businesses are having to keep up to date with current web trends that respond to their customer wants and needs.

In the battle to gain high ranking online businesses also have to realise that to beat the competition and appease Google their website text must be original and relevant to the content as do the keywords and other meta tags. So no peace for the wicked and keep the site fresh and up to date.

It being already again 3 January, there is no stopping now.  So no matter what, 2012 is going to be a busy year. Busy with marketing, busy with new web ideas & innovations and if all goes well and we work hard - busy with success.

We wish all our clients a very happy and prosperous 2012 and in particular wish Carol and John Kinrade success with their very new travel venture that only launched right at the last minute in 2011. Ultimate Vacation Holidays offers fabulous holidays in the Dominican Republic. Check out the site and let us know what you think or when you are going!

We also just signed up Luxury and High Performance Car Specialist John Inghams who are currently based in Ramsey but who are building a new showroom to open later this year in Douglas. We will do our best to show of their beautiful products as they deserve.

Our client dermatologist John Ashworth also went only live a few month ago with a new site offering lots of advice on skin problems and a unique online consultation for those who are worried. To encourage new customers they have a sale on during January so try it out for yourself. We wish John much success.

This blog is now finished but I will be back soon with more news. Meanwhile if you need help or advice with website design, marketing or SEO contact me. It is always a pleasure to be of service.
Ciao, eva@redcetera.com


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