Tuesday, May 17, 2011

www.CastletownMarket.com LIVE

Yep, it was a rush job and soon a lot more will be added but it had to go live just as the actual Castletown Market has been up and running only a few weeks. Its starting to get lively and creating a real buzz. We also getting involved with the (web) marketing of the market. All exciting stuff. Who doesn't like a great market with quality food and other good stuff in a really nice environment. Check it out for yourself.  You'll glean an impression on the site www.CastletownMarket.com

We've kept it a little lively as is the real thing. Let me know what you think! info@redcetera.com

ciao, eva

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Manx Leathers - Gone LIVE

Just in the nick of time - a month or so before the Manx TT we managed to go Live with www.ManxLeathers.com - famous for making bespoke race suits for famous TT riders.

This site had to go live now but many updates will be made to it soon. Steve will be expanding his range of products and offer beside his bespoke race suits soon also quality off-the-peg race leathers as well as bike textiles, t-shirts, wallets etc etc. This will require a full blown e-shop but for now we have put up galleries and slide shows, measurement forms and all sorts to enable owner Steve to showcase some of his work that Manx Leathers has produced for his biker clients.

Check it out and let him (or us) know what you think www.ManxLeathers.com 

If You need some help with a new site design, a make-over, web marketing - let me know
Redcetera, always happy to help email me

Till soon with more sites going Live .................. Eva