Sunday, January 30, 2011

Buzzzy Busy

Redcetera is buzzing with lots of stuff to do.
Quoting, writing proposals, obtaining grants and of course designing for our new and recurring clients.  A good start to new year.

We have been asked to design a site for new Manx property letting agency Bespoke Letting. They have taken offices in Port St Mary and will be opening with a small party 5 February. We wish them lots of success and do our best to make them a great site. Now just a holding page but before soon will be there for all to see and available for the latest in property searches. Being a e-business, we were able as BSS consultants to obtain a grant for them as well. If anyone wants to learn more about on-island DED grants check out our pages on our site:

We are revamping with images and to get the public's attention to his great products do a web marketing job. This will involve rewriting the text, create landing pages and more. The IOM gov is helping Andy with a grant. Great.

This how it is now - not bad, but a little too sober for our taste - soon to be different

More tomorrow, cat Java is walking on my keyboard, my arm is in a sling and it's Sunday.

Till then, Eva