Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chroma - Online Shopping has been opened

Good News for both the client and us, Redcetera the designers as we managed to put Chroma Shop live yesterday.

The last few days were very hard work including working a 17hr day on Sunday. But the results will hopefully speak for themselves. Take a look at Chroma and feast your eyes.

The site has been built around an e-commerce engine Powa which we have tweaked and stretched, added code to and bent where possible. In effect, we built the site twice, first as HTML and then converted it all to suit its Powa straight jacket - which by the way is an excellent e-commerce package even though at times it can be somewhat unforgiving and inflexible. Which is why we have had to bent the rules here and there and introduce our own solutions.

The site has a myriad of slideshows to show off the fabulous products that Chroma sells - we hope the buying public will be encouraged.

Thank you to the clients, Chroma owners, Michaela and Gerard Jones who have been very helpful with their many contributions.

We wish them much success in their venture.

A couple of lovely products:

Let me know what you think of Chroma.im and many Merry Xmas and Happy New Year's wishes from Glynne and Eva

Till soon - eva@redcetera.com