Thursday, November 17, 2011

John Ashworth - Dermatologist Youtube promo video

Our Client John Ashworth for whom we had the pleasure to build a website aptly named has a passion for his work and thankfully he is very concerned with our skin welfare.

Apart from lots of info on skin conditions including (of course) lots on scary skin cancer stuff and it predesessor Moles, the site provides an online skin consultancy service where concerned folk can upload a close-up skin image for Dr Ashworth to give his assesment, assurance and/or opinion on moles and other skin complaints including sexual. This confidential 24hour turn-around service gets emailed back to you with a full skin advice management program which if need be you can take to your GP.

Very handy is the Body Map where you can do a self-check locating the area of complaint with site links to the possible skin condition.

To spread this important site and unique good-health service further the first few of several more videos have now been uploaded to YouTube where Dr John Ashworth talks about Moles and other skin conditions. Here is a preview of  one of  the videos.

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