Thursday, June 24, 2010

several items

Its been a busy month with lots of new exciting jobs and lots of maintenance on client sites and then there was the TT of course which always somewhat interferes with our daily lives - not unwelcome for a change.

Glad to say that TT was good for - they received lots of extra visitors thanks to their new online booking system that we set up. The DTI was also impressed and say they want to use it as an example of a successful e-commerce conversion for a business.

Speaking about the DTI - I have recently been approved as a BSS Consultant. This means I can help businesses obtain a governement business grant up to the tune of £4000 for e-commerce web applications. My partner Glynne has been a consultant for a number of years but I hadn't done the paperwork for it - so now you have it.
More info on BSS grants, links and how to obtain them via this page on our site 

We have done a make-over for and wish them much success in their venture

In my next blog I will tell you more about one of our project for Hotel Online Bookings - this is a great new venture that will be beneficial to many local businesses.

We are nearly ready to go live with an e-shop that we are helping the owner of Presence of Mann to prepare. It is going to look fabulous and will be a success. Suzanne puts a lot of hard work into this venture. The e-shop is powered by Powa software for whom we are designers. For more info see 

We also updated with a gallery and new Home Page and it's looking swell.

Your comments are always welcome - let me know what you think

Till soon, Cioa