Thursday, November 12, 2009

Artist Website now Live

T'is already November!

Us web designer folk at are very very busy and this recently set up blog unfortunately  had to suffer.

Businesses understand that despite or even in spite of troubled financial times, webs have become even more important.

People's buying patterns have now become firmly established. Purchasers are not only more money savvy - they are keen to know a company first - and compare them to the competition - before dealing with them. A company website is an obvious introduction.

Even artists now know the importance of bringeng themselves to the forefront and we've just finished a small & simple but quite beautiful site for Dutch painter Ralph Meijeringh who is not hiding his light under a bushel.

Designing & building a small site like that gives us a lot of pleasure & we will be adding e-shopping facilities in soon.

Take a look at for yourself - you might even want to buy some of his work whilst it is still affordable.

We are sure he will be succesful & wish him all the best.

If you are an artist or know of artists that need a website, we enjoy making them so much that we can offer a original design at a very reasonable fee. Ask Ralp Meijeringh!

Contact us at

Till soon, Eva