Monday, October 25, 2010

Milford Instruments Ltd Webstore

The well know distributors of electronic components and assemblies to industry, education and hobbyists Milford Instruments have now added an overview page to their website. Check out this page .

The products range from everything you need to make a Parallax Boe-Boe or other robot with sensors, servo motor drivers, Wizard driver board and Auto-talk controllers, add-on modules or 3-axis computer controlled drilling machines. If you want to add muscle Milford Instruments stock the full range of flexinol wires, 4D System graphic Displays and LCDs with Goldelox controller chips.

If that is still not enough you can fill your boots with Quadravox MP3 players, OEM modules, DMX-512 received control boards, LED drivers, Servo motor drivers, BOB-4 on-screen displays and many.

The Milford Instruments webstore stocks Tech-Tools Quickwriter PIC Programmers and Digiview Logic Analysers & are stockist of the Square-1 range of Pic primer books.

Just take a look, you'll be amazed at the range on offer .......