Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Excited - new site nearly ready

Our own site www.Redcetera.com has been a bit neglected to say the least! One of those things I guess but we bit the bullet after much berating ourselves with the famous 'practice what your preach'. Web designers notoriously ignore their own design having to concentrate on behalf of their clients! Well, customers always come first naturally but there does come a time that ... etc etc.

Nearly there and I hope in a week or maybe two we can go Live and we do hope that our clients, old and new as well as our colleagues and friends will like it/critisize it no matter what. A taste of whats to come follows in the preview image.

If you want us to design you a new site or give your site a modest or thorough make-over or you need widgets you know where to come!

Till soon, Eva
email info@redcetera.com or click via our site