Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I should also want to tell you about Luminaires who have a wonderful selection of lighting available from their offices in Douglas, Isle of Man. People have the wrong impression thinking that their lighting solution are outside their budget so Ralph asked us to help them set up a webshop which we did.

This offers them now the opportunity to display and offfer for sale a much larger selection than they can currently show in their premises. A funky range it is. Check it out for yourself - just visit their website and click on the shop link. Luminaires

We chose Powa for them again. We are Powa providers and truly advocate this platform for e-commerce solutions big or small. It is stable, reliable and very reasonably priced. Used by the big boys such as Mothercare, Tesco's and what not. Go to for more info or contact us if you want have a demo or more information or simply have decided that Redcetera does it for you (the smart thing).

Ciao, Eva

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