Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Qr bar code created for redcetera

This bar code or QR code has been generated with #QRDroid. an adndroid app

Hopefully it will show up here in this blog so you can view and scan it with your app.

Did this with my phone so keeping fingers crossed. Droid is however a great clever app which you should download.

I am testing different barcode scanner apps to compare them. Great fun and very useful for embedding on your site and business cards. Within this image it has encoded and holds all your info like contact and site details - what ever you put into it -  in the bar code and is a great way to advertsie your company.

Let me know if you want to know more on bar code or other apps.

This is it - hold your phone over (with an installed app of course) and read our details into your phone.

 Cioa Eva

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ultimate Vacation Holidays website

That is the website domain name we're working on. Ulitmate Vacation Holidays are based at a fabulous luxury holiday resort in the Dominican Republic and we're designing a site that is making me green with envy. The location and the resort are an absolute dream. Not only beautiful white beaches, the bluest water, etc etc but the accomodation, restaurants and other amenities look superb. Poor us having to look and work with all these amazing images and yet here back home the weather is getting less so.

Ok, we're apparently experiencing an Indian Summer. Rather be in the Dominican Republic lounging in a beach chair with a cocktail! To get a flavour of what's to come we have put up a temporary holding page with a small slideshow. Check UltimateVacationHolidays out here.

Pssst .... If you can't wait to go there you can contact the owners Carol and John via the number on the site.

For a chat on a new website or a make-over site for you business visit our site Redcetera, call or or email Eva

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Medical Website Gone Live

We are pleased and are happy for our client Dr. John Ashworth to declare LIVE. Dr John is a highly respected consultant dermatologist who feels passionate about skin cancer and is sharing his knowledge on his site with lots of advice on all manner of skin problems. Worried folk can upload an image of their skin ailment and John will give his expert opinion. This is exactly what the internet is for.It took a little longer to get the the site ready as bits kept being added and changed. Check out the Bodymap which is a self help symptom checker for men and women.
Making websites is kind a strange in that you unwittingly get involved into all sorts of businesses and the Dermatologist is no different in that we've picked up a lot of medical skin problem terms all of a sudden! 

As per usual there are little things that need finishing, that will be added or edited and no doubt - as it is a CMS (Content Managment System) enabled site the owners will do their bit to keep the site fresh and updated - but for now the Dermatologist is open for business. Redcetera wishes Dr John good luck.

If any other doctors or companies out there need any sites, let us know. Redcetera is also open for business. We love good design and use the latests in web technology to build good looking, clever but solid sites that don't break the bank. Email me: or visit our site or call for a chat.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New device

Got myself an HTC wildfire phone and using it to post this blog. Unlike some folk I am not an avid texter but have to admit that writing, though different, is fun on this cute smart phone. So who knows - it might spur me on to blog more instead of watching telly at night. Daytime seems to leave to little time for other than strictly necessary at the mo. Not sure how to add images so have to leave that out for now. Will have to try that next time! Good nite all.
Let me know if you prefer pc or smart blogging ... Cioa