Monday, October 10, 2011

New Site Completed and LIVE

Check out our new site that we've just put live for our Moldovan Dentist client Crisdent Dental Care. To view go here:

Yep, it is unlikely you will be able to read or understand anything until you click the EN language button at the top right of the site. It has been published in 4 languages and the Russian crylic gave us a head ache or two from time to time. We had to rely on the client Lina Baltenau to get it right! Thank you Lina, you have been patient.

It has been a fun and interesting site to do and we wish the clinic all the best and are sure they will be attracting lots of new dental clients to visit Moldova and have their teeth done whilst on Holiday in their beautiful country.
If there are any businesses in or out of the health industry why not contact us for a chat. We design new sites from scratch or your site may need a small or complete make-over. If you want to keep your site updated (so very very important!) yourself we can build it with a content management system (CMS). I will write a blog on this soon.

Meanwhile contact me for any more info or your comments which we are always happy to hear! Alternatively visit our site

Till soon, Eva